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MODULISME . Philippe Petit


11:00 – 12:o0 / AM

Chaque Jour sauf mercredi/ Every Day except wednesday

Modulism is a platform supporting left-field Electronic Music and championing the use of analog instruments, the use of electricity to sustain a sound produced with a musical intent.. A radio program airing music made using modular systems… What matters is the composition itself, the research/creation process, its interpretation/result and not the tools to achieve what composers may have in mind. It doesn’t  need to be modular only. Each program lasts one hour and is especially dedicated to one composer. 


Chacune de nos émissions dure une heure et propose en exclusivité la musique d’un compositeur. (en italique, celles diffusées sur RBO)

Pour l’instant 120 sont disponibles de Bana Haffar, Jack Dangers, Scanner, Morton Subotnick, Benge, Suzanne Ciani, Bob Ostertag, Miguel Frasconi, Thomas Dimuzio, Doug Lynner, The Electric Weasel Ensemble (feat. Don Buchla), Todd Barton, Gino Robair, Tom Djll, Richard Scott, Jos Smolders, Kevin Rix, Alexeï Borisov, Kumo / Jono Podmore from UK, Warner Jepson, Yoshio Machida, Paul M. Young (de Snakefinger/The Residents), André Stordeur, Paul Pignon, Köhn, Thomas Ankersmit, Jill Fraser, Lyz Phillips, Ivan + Serge + Stefan Tcherepnin, Gary Chang, Alvin Curran… et bien d’autres encore :
Nos transmissions
#18- première émission : 23-05-2024
Sonixtualized 2

#17- première émission : 09-05-2024

Sonixtualized 1
#16- première émission : 25-04-2024
Michael White
#15- première émission : 11-04-2024
Jörg Piringer
#14- première émission : : 04-04-2024
Miguel Frasconi
#13- première émission : 28-03-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 6 
Nicholas Peck, Ralf Hoffmann, David Chesworth, Stefan Tcherepnin and Doug Lynner
#12- première émission : 21-03-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 5
#11- première émission : 13-02-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 4
#10- première émission : 06-02-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 3
Serge -o- Voxes is a series gathering compositions made using a Serge synthesizer released via our Modulisme platform and celebrating 50 years since the creation of the SERGE « the People’s Synthesizer».
01. Sergei Tcherepnin – Rainbow Beat
02. Stefan Tcherepnin – Flabbergasted Guest 
03. Oeverklassen: Bevis att Napoleon aldrig existerat 
04. Warren Burt – You want, maybe, something a little intense diatonic 
05. Miguel Frasconi – Serge Time, May 19, 2010
06. Francisco Meirino – To Bring Out The Shame 
07. Richard Scott -Explode to Survive
08. Jonas Broberg: Serge TKB1
#9- première émission : 31-01-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 2


Welcome to our new Modulisme program!
Serge -o- Voxes is a series gathering compositions made using a Serge synthesizer released via our Modulisme platform and celebrating 50 years since the creation of the SERGE « the People’s Synthesizer».
May the Serge be with you!
#8- première émission : 24-01-2024
SERGE -o- Voxes part 1


Welcome to our new Modulisme program!
Serge -o- Voxes is a series gathering compositions made using a Serge synthesizer released via our Modulisme platform and celebrating 50 years since the creation of the SERGE « the People’s Synthesizer». Tonight you’ll hear the music of Todd Barton, Warren Burt, Illusion Of Safety and Coil.
#7- première émission : 13-12-2023
André Stordeur
#6- première émission : 01-12-2023
#5- première émission : 23-11-2023

Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, has been making sounds and playing with technology since he was 11 years old. Not being interested in the systematic pattern of recording, releasing product and touring to support that much of his activity has been outside of standard music routines, and more aligned with an art practice. over the years he designed permanent sound works in the Raymond Poincaré hospital in Garches, France as part of the bereavement suite (Channel of Flight), the Science Museum London and in Vex house, the London residential house in collaboration with Chance de Silva architects. He scored The Big Dance in Trafalgar Square for 1000 dancers and the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, in the company of Queen Beatrix, and in 2016 scored the world’s first ever Virtual Reality ballet, Nightfall, with Dutch National Ballet.
Back in 2012 Scanner toured with « Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked », an audiovisual show with Heritage Orchestra, and in 2014 was Visiting Artist at MIT in Cambridge USA. More recently, he has written works for London Sinfonietta, BBC Concert Orchestra and other real world musicians! One of the most influential Electronic composer, releasing his first CD in 1992 and many other ever since…

#4- première émission : 16-11-2023
Eazy Teeth
Paul M. Young spent the late 70’s and early 80’s playing the Serge live in the Punk Clubs and Art Galleries of Los Angeles and San Francisco under the name Eazy Teeth, a name given to him by Captain Beefheart as he was smiling a lot.
He collaborated with many artists including Johanna Went, Z’ev, Jed Spear and many more.
At the same time, he was building Serge Modular systems, road managing Captain Beefheart, managing Snakefinger, working with the Residents on The Mole Show…
#3- première émission : 09-11-2023
Todd Barton

Since 1979 Todd has been exploring analog and computer-based music. He currently is a Consulting Artist for Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments who, after four decades of exploration, is still delving deeply into the ever-expanding frontiers of musical expression: from his DNA derived Genome Music to his innovative scores for plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; from performances of Zen Shakuhachi Meditation Music to avant-garde music for electronic synthesizers and computers; from performing with luminaries of jazz and poetry to lecturing on music and composition from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century.
He is also Resident Composer Emeritus for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
His compositions have been performed by the KRONOS Quartet, Oregon Symphony Orchestra, San Jose Chamber Orchestra, Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, the Shasta Taiko, and the Rogue Valley Symphony to name a few…

#2 – première émission : 02-11-2023
Ben Edwards is a composer, producer and collaborator, writing, recording, mixing and created his own studio: Memetune. I started working with him when he was doing Tennis (a duo with Douglas Benford from Sprawl Imprint) and released 2 albums on BiP_HOp. Later on I had pleasure following/supporting his Expanding label and his playing more and more beautiful Vintage synths…« I have been fascinated by modular synths for a very long time. To me they represent the apex of electronic musical expression. I have never been a ‘keyboard player’ type musician. I prefer music that has been put together in a more mechanical way – I like listening to the machines more than the humans.  I never bothered to practice my scales or even think about constructing music from a “keyboard” point of view. Not that I don’t like some music produced by great keyboardists, and great humans, its just that my direction of travel has been away from that and more towards listening to the machines. Obviously computers can now recreate anything that can be done with a modular system, but the difference is for me they can never replace the experience of being in the presence of a physical object like a modular synthesiser. We live in the physical realm, but too much of life now seems to be experienced in the virtual realm, its not somewhere I want to be spending my creative time. So thats why I am so obsessed with modular synths, and I think I am just stuck in my ways and am still living in the physical world – I can’t seem to break away from it!»
#1- première émission : 26-10-2023
Antonio Raúl Russek Martínez est un compositeur mexicain de musique électroacoustique, considéré comme un pionnier de l’art sonore au Mexique.
Russek commence ses études à Torreón où il fait partie d’un orchestre d’enfants, jouant du saxophone, tout en étudiant le piano avec des professeurs privés entre 1969 et 1972. Il compose ses premières pièces pour le théâtre et la danse.
En 1973, il s’installe à Mexico et commence à composer de la musique pour des pièces de théâtre + commence la construction d’ »objets musicaux », motivé par le désir d’unir le son et l’image. En 1974, Russek installe son propre studio de musique électroacoustique dans le quartier de Condesa, devenant ainsi le premier du genre au Mexique. En 1978, il fonde le Centro Independiente de Investigación Musical y Multimedia (CIIMM), où il réalise des productions musicales, des enregistrements, ainsi que des publications, des travaux éditoriaux et universitaires. Des concerts, des conférences et des événements liés à la musique électronique et aux médias alternatifs ont été organisés au CIIMM tout au long des décennies.
À partir de 1981, il a travaillé sur des œuvres interdisciplinaires et a créé des décors sonores pour des expositions. Il s’est également spécialisé dans les installations, l’art vidéo, l’art radiophonique, la sculpture sonore, les œuvres éphémères et la musique pour la danse et le théâtre.
Dans le domaine de la composition, son travail se concentre sur l’électroacoustique et l’utilisation de ressources électroniques. Son catalogue comprend plus de 100 œuvres, y compris des pièces d’art sonore et des collaborations avec d’autres artistes et compositeurs.

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