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PALESTINE CD Fundraiser / levée de fonds

12:38 – 13 :46  / 00:38 – 01:46 PM

Chaque jour sauf mercredis / Every day except wednesday


Music created in late 2023/early 2024 during the war on Gaza, and inspired by the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom


Right from the very early days of Israel’s attack on Gaza in October 2023, I have been witnessing a few artists that I like taking a clear stance against it, immediately understanding that something bigger and more dangerous than « self-defence » was coming.
They were mainly underground electronic/experimental/dance artists (plus some famous ones: well done Luciano!), confuting the zionist narrative and calling for mobilisation, spreading news and not worrying about the possible consequences of their actions. All amidst the striking silence of so many acts – especially from the rock and pop camp – that are usually very vocal on every important issue.
I was feeling the same way: helpless and furiously motivated at the same time, horrified (much worse things were to come, sadly) and angry, and eager to do something more than discussing, spreding information, boycotting, demonstrating.

That’s why I decided do produce and release a benefit compilation, and asked those artists for a track. It had to be something new and done on purpose. Something produced right in  afficher plus

paru le 3 mai 2024

All tracks produced between November 2023 and April 2024
Concept and production by Andrea Pomini
Mastering by Ivan FU Pjevcevic
Art by Tala Abunuwar (@kittaba)
Layout by Andrea Pomini
T-shirts by Serimal
Press by Modern Matters, Berlin
Title inspiration by the doctors of al-Awdah Hospital, Gaza


Sara Persico – Phoenix Plain
Produced and mixed by Sara Persico
Field recordings edited from Palestinian Sound Archive on NTS

Agostino – Hilarion 1983
Produced and mixed by Agostino Quaranta
Contains a sample from an interview with former Jerusalem’s Archbishop Hilarion Capucci on Italian public television RAI, as part of the program « Mixer – Faccia a Faccia » in 1983

STILL – Resistance Riddim
Producedd by ST
Contains a sample from a demonstration by Moroccan women in Casablanca, November 2023

Anniatu – Abtal
Written, produced and mixed by Stefano Barone
Contains samples of people in Gaza from a reel shared by Instagram page @wearthepeace in December 2023, and from Kunsertu’s « Ghandura » (1994)

Mai Mai Mai – Jinn Of The Bethlehem Souk
Recorded in Palestine in January 2024 by Mai Mai Mai
Moog Subsequent 37 recorded at Radio Atheer Studio in Ramallah
Old Souk sounds recorded in Bethlehem
Osama Abu Ali playing mijwiz recorded at The Wonder Cabinet in Bethlehem
Mixed by Mai Mai Mai in Rome

Bawrut – Collateral Damage
Written, composed and mixed by Borut Viola

Assyouti – Jafra
Written, produced and mixed by Assyouti
With samples from Shafeq Kabaha’s “Jafra” (2005)
From the unverified description of the user Barhoom91, who uploaded the original song on YouTube: « Jafra has it’s own special rhythm ….Jafra is one of famous Palestinian folk music in weddings, parties and other many occasions.
Story of Jafra.
Jafra is a Palestinian cute beautiful young girl came from small village Kuwaikat near city Acre. A poet loved Jafra and he started writing poems for the the beautiful girl Jafra. After the occupation of Palestine and announcement of the state of IsraHell she moved to Lebanon to became a refugee in one of Palestinian-Lebanese refugees camp. Some of stories say that before they got marry Jafra died because of one of Israeli raid over Beirut…. »

Bono / Burattini – On The Brink Of
Written and performed by Francesca Bono and Vittoria Burattini
Recorded and mixed by Stefano Pilia

Holy Tongue feat. Dali de Saint Paul – Breicha Version
Recorded live at Strange Brew, Bristol
Mixed by Al Wootton

Cosmo & Not Waving – Mi Troverai
Produced and mixed by Marco Jacopo Bianchi and Alessio Natalizia

3Phaz – YKK
Produced and mixed by 3Phaz

Susu Laroche – Truthworld
Produced and mixed by Susu Laroche

A Hand – Mantra
Produced and mixed by Giuseppe Magistro

Not Waving – If I Must Die
Produced and mixed by Alessio Natalizia
Contains a sample of Brian Cox reding « If I Must Die » by Refaat Alareer

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